Often mistaken, but “Juliet Sierra” actually is NOT her real name but just an artist name. It’s consisting out of the phonetic letters “JS” from the NATO-Alphabet which is used for communication by radio or telephone so that critical combinations of letters and numbers are most likely to be pronounced and understood by those who exchange voice messages. So the letters Juliet Sierra simply stand for the initials of Julia Steinle.

An example for the use of the NATO-Alphabet is the exchange of information between pilots.

With the age of 8 months Julia had her very first flight in a Cessna. She grew up in a family of pilots so whenever her father went flying, Julia wouldn’t let him go without taking her with him. Therefore it’s not a coincidence that Julia started gliding with the age of 14 years, fell in love with the sport and received her license with 15 years, being the youngest pilot in her club.

She combines her passion for nature, planes and flying with her passion for aesthetics by taking pictures of her adventures and sharing her photography with the world.

You can always find Julia’s flights in her OLC Flightbook  or on Skylines.